Rename It!RC1 Released

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We are happy to announce that Rename It! RC1 is released now!

1. Introduction

You must love this wizard if you like refactoring. It can help you quickly rename a unit and update all references in the specified scope such as the current project group.

In the earlier IDEs such as Delphi 7, insteading of using the “Save AS” feature, you just need one click to enter a new name and the refactoring will be finished in a second. In the newer IDEs such as Delphi 2007, you will be notified when a module was renamed in the project manager and the refactoring can be performed automatically.

Furthermore, the old module files and its corresponding .dcu file could be automatically deleted if exist.

2. Requirements

Supported IDEs: Delphi 7, RAD Studio 2007/2010/XE

3. Download

Note: This version is for preview purpose, it will be expired on Oct. 31th, 2010. We will release the final version in weeks.

For more information on Rename It!, please read the User Manual in the product.

Any ideas or questions, please leave a comment or post a thread on our support forums.

Updated 2010-10-30: We have extended the expiration date to Nov 15th, 2010, Please download it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Comments (4)

  • Brett Graffin


    I was using your BETA Rename it. It has expired, and you do not have a replacement. I want to remove it. What is the package name or description so I can find it?


  • Brett Graffin


    New download has a prettier expiration message (thanks for putting the website in, since I had to go find it before), but the expiration message is still around and it is still expired. Just so you know that I actually reinstalled it, message states…

    Rename It! has expired. Please visit to get the latest version. Thank you.

    You should also include a message that to remove it, run the uninstall for RenameIt. I did not remember that it was installed via an installation program and I spend 10 minutes racking my brain on which component package it was in, and then to finally find out that it’s not even in the packages list.


    • Paul


      Hi, Brett.

      I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. The uploaded version was wrong due to the mistake in deployment. I’m about to upload the latest version.


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